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Website Developing & Hosting

Cloud-Hosting: A new kind of hosting platforms, providing our users with powerful and reliable hosting on clustered servers.

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Search Engine(s) and News Portals

In the immense flood of information of the world wide web to be able to orient themselves, so-called search engines are indispensable for the users. BridgeWard experiments in this field for a client, as well as of its own accord. Here are some examples:

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Video Portals, Shopping Platforms and Product Offerings

Nowhere is the retention period of Internet surfers greater than on video portals and shopping platforms. In short, anywhere there, where enticing and appropriate visual attractions invites to stay. Here are some examples:

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Web sites for Companies and Associations

To be found in the vastness of the world wide web, a company, an association or a person must represent themselves in a very special way. That is often beyond the pure creative design of a website - you must be found... Here are some examples:

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Visit our specialists for web design and hosting.

The IT team of BridgeWard AG develops modern and state of the art web sites, maintains and extends the software (PHP, SQL, and WP) and--if applicable--actualizes the content.

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