Secure your confidential communications against economic espionage


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Be it through Government-directed industrial espionage or spying by competitors - each year billions of Dollars of damage originate from secret spying on data or voice communications of companies with interesting and above all proprietary products. This is not limited to certain sectors of the economy, it concerns all companies with products and services based on their own patents or unique ideas. It is well known that countries such as China, the United States and the United Kingdom have the technical possibilities to engage in systematic worldwide economic espionage. In June 2013 the Whistleblower Edward Snowden made known to the public two large Internet-based surveillance systems, the US system PRISM and the British system Tempora that started operation in early 2012.


Nous partageons nos expériences avec nos clients
To protect your business and your personal communications, BridgeWard provides smartphones that are equipped with latest state of the art encryption software. With these devices you can encrypt your important calls or data transfers at the highest level of modern military-level encryption.


To communicate encrypted, both devices must be fitted with the same crypto software. But of course, you can obtain at any time individual single devices thru us.